Artistic Statement


Cindi is a professional artist living and practicing in London, Ontario. She completed a BA in Visual Art followed by a Bachelor of Education in Visual Art and History, both from Western University. Prior to that, she earned a diploma in Design from Fanshawe College. Cindi has been an executive member of a printmaking collective, Print London, since it formed in 2014 and has been involved in planning numerous community-based events and professional exhibitions. She has exhibited professionally in various cities across Ontario and internationally and several of her works can be found in private collections.

Most of Cindi’s recent works explore themes of femininity and its social implications. She often pairs feminine imagery with masculine traditions and traditional techniques with contemporary subject matter. She likes to combine seemingly disparate elements such as beauty and horror, attraction and repulsion, and refinement and crudeness while trying to make the contrast work together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Cindi’s themes tend to be dark, but gracefully executed, and her work often has a somewhat disturbing, psychological quality to it.

Cindi enjoys working with many different media, but is particularly drawn to technically challenging work, such as analog photography and darkroom processes, printmaking, and digital media. Her work has been informed by the themes and certain elements in the works of such artists as: David Altmejd, Diane Arbus, Sue Coe, Oliver Herring, Frida Kahlo, Fiona Kinsella, and Sally Mann. Cindi also draws inspiration from popular culture artists, musicians, and filmmakers that work with horror and gothic aesthetics.