Cindi is a London-based artist and designer who shares her life with her partner, her kids, several cats, and two dogs. She and her partner are collectors of oddities and unusual antiques, and have a particular interest in Victorian funerary items; they have curated their home as a gallery of all of the treasures that they have amassed. Cindi has been an avid tattoo collector for 25+ years and has had a keen interest in all things visual since she was a child.

Her formal training began with design school at Fanshawe College, followed by undergraduate studies in Visual Art at Western University, and finally a Bachelor of Education at Western University for Intermediate/Senior level Art and History. 

When she's not working, Cindi spends her spare time creating art, doing graphic design work, and making sets, costumes and props for theatrical productions. She also holds an executive position on a local artists' collective. She likes to garden, renovate her century home, and research her family's genealogy.